TVLogic Unveils New Broadcast Monitors At IBC 2019

TVLogic, designer and manufacturer of LCD and OLED High Definition displays and support systems, unveiled various new broadcast monitors including 10’’ field monitor (F-10A) and 24’’ & 31’’ 4K HDR monitors with a vast array of new features that make the field shooting and video production more efficient.

The F-10A is a new 10" field monitor with HDR capability and Full HD resolution. Designed for versatile field production applications, the F-10A offers nearly half the weight and slimmer design compared to its class size. It also supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 to support 4K HDR 60Hz and supports various video signals (3G HD/SD-SDI, HDMI). Equipped with the 3 x 3G-SDI ports (1×Selectable Input/Output), it provides plenty of options for connecting and increases the usability. With the sharpness and peaking boost function, the F-10A displays sharp details and clear images. In addition, it provides various professional functions such as HDMI ↔ SDI conversion output, Camera LUTs, Arri Metadata Display, Waveform/Vectorscope, H/V Flip, Auto Flip, Scan, Image Overlay and HDR emulation including HDR EOTFs of PQ, HLG and SLog3.

TVLogic has also introduced three new 4K HDR monitors of LUM-242H, LUM-242G(24’’) and LUM-310X(31’’).

The LUM-242H and LUM-242G are 24" native UHD resolution (3840×2160) monitors that offer superior picture quality with one billion colors(true 10-bit), wide viewing angle of 178° and wide color gamut up to DCI-P3 90% and 98%, respectively. Featuring 1,500 nits (LUM-242H) & 500 nits (LUM-240G) of brightness, a high contrast ratio of more than 1,000: 1 and HDR emulation function (PQ, HLG, SLog3), the monitors provides true-to-life color. Also, the color standard switching speed is greatly improved from 5 seconds to 1 second.

The LUM-310X, a new 31’’ 4K HDR reference monitor, features a true 4K(4096x2160) resolution Dual Layer LCD that provides extremely clear HDR images with maximum luminance of 1,000 nits and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. This makes possible deep blacks and ultra-sharp details. The LUM-310X provides wide color gamut up to 99% DCI-P3, true 10 bit and includes 3D LUT support for precise color reproduction. It supports various HDR standards such as PQ, HLG and SLog3. Equipped with 4 BNCs (2×12G-SDI + 2×3G-SDI) and HDMI 2.0 interface, it supports various video formats up to 4K/60p through single-link 12G-SDI, Quad 3G-SDI and HDMI 2.0.

TVLogic also introduced a 3 x 5.5’’ rack monitor (R-5T) and a 46’’ studio wall monitor (S-46P).

The R-5T is a brand-new rack monitor(3 x 5.5”) with advanced design and performance. It offers an outstanding picture quality with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 and high luminance up to 500 nits. The R-5T supports the video formats up to 12G-SDI and the professional features such as Waveform/Vectorscope, Focus Assist, Luma(Y’) Zone Check, Range Error, UMD, Time Code Display, Audio Level Meter.

The S-46P is 46 inch Full HD Studio Wall monitor with high contrast ratio of 4,000:1 and wide viewing angle. It offers easy network control for studio wall monitoring combined with the SFP module & Ember+ Protocol. Equipped with 2 x BNC input connectors for 3G-SDI, HDMI input and 2 x SFP input, it provides plenty of connection interfaces and it also adds selectable output function via internal routing for efficient workflow and preparation for the occasional troubles.

TVLogic also updated the existing products, adding new functions for 3D LUT import and HDR support.

The field monitor line up, F-series, now features the “TLUT” function that creates a custom 3D LUT with the WonderLook Pro software (Free license version). In combination with the Company’s WonderLook Pro, the most powerful LUT creation and real-time color management software, the F-series users can make their own 3D LUT (17x17x17) with ease and can apply the LUT and the monitor setting at the same time.

The 4K HDR Reference Monitor, LUM-310R has also been upgraded. The speed of color standard switching modes has been greatly improved, and the HDR reference brightness has been changed to the most used 1,000 nits. But with the ability to express up to 2,000 nit in PQ and Super White (1,640 nit) in HLG, it can be used to reproduce high-quality HDR images. In addition, various color gamuts and black levels are supported to meet the various demands.

About TVLogic

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