Techtel Enables Projection Mapping for an Action-packed Rollercoaster Ride at Australia’s theme park

Recently Techtel has provided media servers to enable projection mapping – a new hi tech feature for rollercoaster ride at a Gold Coast Theme Park during the ride’s refurbishment and relaunch.

Techtel integrated a number of 7thSense Design’s media servers (one for each of three rollercoaster scenes and one as a redundancy solution) into a show controller system which would store the audio and video output of projection mapping, that was then 3D mapped onto the projection wall during the required timeframe, communicated by the automatic trigger system. The result for the riders is a thrilling journey with both visual surprises and roller coaster thrills, brought to them by the latest developments in augmented reality.

“Projection mapping is becoming a staple not just in night-time entertainment, but also as a part of augmented reality used on the world’s most breathtaking rides. It takes the riders on a multi-sensory adventure with superior sound quality and powerful and precise images with spectacular effects like they’ve never experienced before”, says Mal Chandler, Techtel CEO. “We are honoured to have been chosen to contribute to such an exciting development for one of Australia’s best themed rollercoaster rides. The 7thSense media servers are currently used throughout various theme parks worldwide, and we are proud to be the first systems integrator to bring them to a theme park in Australia”.

In addition, Techtel has supplied and integrated a Panasonic video camera, which enables the system to capture the rollercoaster thrills as the riders move through the scene and be able to project their faces onto the screen overlayed onto the other graphics within the 7th Sense Server in real time for a supreme impact.