IBC 2014 News: Techtel awarded Net Insight Fastest Grower of the Year Award

The award reads...

Techtel has been Net Insight’s premium partner covering Australia and New Zealand since 2005.

Techtel has persistently continued to invest time and effort in promoting Net Insight solutions and has built its own technical competence and pool of demo equipment to a world-class level.

Techtel is a strong systems integrator, very innovative, in terms of finding new segments and matching them with Net Insight’s solutions for remote production, live sports and others.

Techtel has driven the introduction of the Nimbra 640 and JPEG2000 solutions in New Zealand to leading telcos and producers.

In Australia, Techtel is one of the early adopters in promoting our Nimbra 390. In addition to that, they have also sold a creative combination of Nimbra 140 and Nimbra 680 for major international sporting coverage and to networks for 10G CWDM contribution and remote production.

Based on Techtel’s successes, Net Insight hereby recognises Techtel’s outstanding work by becoming the Fastest Growing partner of the Year and we look forward to many more successful years together.