TVLogic wins NEP Australia (Global TV) super truck deal

Sydney, Australia, 16th January 2015 – NEP Australia (formerly Global Television) has selected TVLogic’s Multi-Format LCD monitors for the fit-out in particular areas of its highly-anticipated OB fleet additions – HD11 and HD12. The monitors will be supplied by Techtel in early 2015 when the first “super truck”, HD11, is expected to be delivered and ready for technical fit-out, commissioning and testing by NEP’s systems integration team. TVLogic’s reputation for quality and performance has positioned them as the preferred choice for NEP Australia and other key players in the industry.

A factor for NEP Australia was the recent release of TVLogic’s free wall monitor management software, “Observer”. The Windows application is ideal in an OB environment as it provides comprehensive control of multiple monitors via network connection, allowing operators to control the monitors’ power, inputs, UMD and other features from their PCs.

The monitors purchased include several from TVLogic’s new RKM range of rack mount monitors as well as a number of their 7” LVM-074W HD Multi-Format LCD Monitors. Jim Tinker, NEP Australia’s General Manager Engineering Services, said “The quality and reliability of TVLogic monitors we have experienced over the years was one of the key drivers in our selection process aside from the other benefits of built in waveform monitoring and audio level metering which is useful in applications of confidence monitoring”.

HD11 will surpass the size, technical capabilities and work environment of every other mobile production facility in Australia, with the truck’s enhanced technical power specifically designed to meet the ever-expanding needs of diverse clients. HD12 – the second in the company’s new series of control units – will be the sister vehicle to HD11 and will undergo a technical fit-out immediately after HD11 is deployed.