We use a combination of vendors and technologies to provide the most technically robust and cost effective Digital Terrestrial TV distribution services. Whether you are looking to integrate a new DVB-T2 transmitter into your existing network or require to design and build the entire transmission chain, Techtel will have a solution for you to suit your needs


At the transmitter site the incoming multiplex is received from the distribution network. The signal is then modulated to prepare it for transmission over the air; where the DVB-T2 signal is then generated. The modulated signal is then amplified to a higher power and frequency converted to the correct frequency in the UHF frequency band before being combined and sent up the mast or tower to the antenna system. The antenna system, usually located at the top of the mast for maximum coverage, effectively shapes and directs the signals towards the target coverage area for reception at home. In area of geographical terrain, another transmission site can be placed at the next highest mast to re-transmit the signal to households not in the original line of site.