A quotation may contain special terms and conditions that are applicable to some or all of the goods and services specified in the quotation. In that event those special terms will be included with and precede these terms where applicable. 

If a validity period is not specified in the quotation, all quotations are valid for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of issuance.  

A quotation is not to be construed as an offer or obligation to sell, and Techtel reserves the right to accept or reject any orders received.

Techtel may withdraw or revalidate a quotation at any time.

All prices are quoted firm in Australian dollars unless stated otherwise in our proposal notwithstanding where applicable prices quoted on imported items include the current rate of import duty and taxes and any change in import duty or tax rate levied at the time of import will be on-charged or credited to the customer as required.

All prices are quoted exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.

Payments made by credit card will include a 1.5% surcharge, as charged to us by the banks.

Prices are quoted FOB Techtel, Artarmon, NSW.

All orders exceeding AUD $1,000 (ex GST) require a 30% deposit accompanying customer’s official purchase order.

Issuance of a customer purchase order implies acceptance of Techtel Standard Terms and Conditions as the sole basis of the sale.

In issuing a purchase order against any quote or offer, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all goods and services ordered satisfy their requirements.  Conditional orders will only be accepted with agreed documentation outlining any special development or services to be supplied.  In the absence of any such supplementary documentation, contract or statement-of-work specifying special feature development or performance criteria, the specification for system product/system acceptance or performance will be the manufacturers published data sheet/s.

Cancelled orders will incur a restocking fee limited to a maximum of 15% of the value of the cancelled item.

Payment is due in full on delivery unless otherwise stated in the quotation. Interest is payable on overdue amounts at the rate of 2% p.a. above the Commonwealth Bank’s reference rate calculated daily.

Ownership and title in the goods remain with Techtel until paid for in full. Techtel shall be entitled to lawfully enter any premises in which unpaid goods are located, retake possession and resell such goods.

All risk and liability for damage to the goods passes to the customer at the time of delivery. During the warranty period, return of defective goods to Techtel will be at the customer’s expense. Return of repaired goods to the customer will be at Techtel’s expense.

Techtel will support and administer the manufacturer’s warranty for goods and services supplied.

Techtel guarantees its workmanship for a period of:-

     1. 3 months in the case of equipment repairs

     2. 12 months in the case of systems integration services.

All items to be returned to Techtel require a return material advice (RMA) number attached before they will be accepted into our store.

To the extent permitted by law Techtel limits its liability against any defects to the repair or replacement of goods, at Techtel’s sole discretion, or to the cost of resupplying any defective services. Techtel is not liable for any consequential or liquidated damages arising from or in connection with any equipment it might sell.

Variations to the Standard Terms and Conditions will only be accepted when agreed to in writing by both the customer and Techtel.

These terms and conditions are governed by NSW law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of NSW.