Object Storage Solutions

As content storage and retrieval requirements increase exponentially, many companies across the media and entertainment industry have hit the limitations of the traditional storage systems. Techtel can help you stay on top of the game with a fully-integrated Object Storage solution – a type of data storage system which provides limitless capacity for information, can be searched in real time, is cheaper and easier to manage and maintain, and can be scaled with little to no limitations.

We use scalable, non-proprietary technology which can adapt to the content owners’ storage needs as well as enable them to find and repurpose archived video and audio assets for additional revenue streams. With our Object Storage solution, Techtel unlocks multiple storage targets including online disk, nearline disk, deep storage tape, and public cloud – all can be easily integrated with an existing Media Asset Management System (MAM).

Whether you are looking to upgrade from traditional storage system, complement your existing system or require brand new storage and archival altogether, Techtel will manage the entire process for you – from systems design through installation and integration through to support.