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ETERE is an integrated broadcasting solution that implements a modular system formed by a set of modules specifically oriented to cover each complex phase of a broadcasting system, focusing to efficiently carry out specific operations such as ingest, archiving, transferring, browsing, etc. Modules typically included in a post-production system are listed below:


  • EtereWeb, web-based access to view, preview, manage and download/upload assets
  • Etere Ingest, flexible media acquisition from a wide range of sources including live feeds
  • Etere HSM, automatic tape-based storage system for long-term storage management
  • Etere DataMover, intelligent and fast transfer and transcoding between devices (SAS, NAS, etc.)
  • Etere Workflow, automated management of assets and resources
  • Etere Player, Browse hires and lowres files with advanced cataloguing capabilities
  • Etere CMS, Automatic control of audio and video issues on stored media
  • Etere QC Integration, Connect the most common QC solutions (e.g. Baton, Aurora, Cerify, etc.)
  • NLE Plugins, straight archive access from Adobe Premiere and project archiving for Avid

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