When choosing a prompter what are the main factors in making your choice? 
Price, manufacturer, supplier, features, build quality, after sales support? 
What if a prompting company ticked all of these boxes? 

What if a new prompting company came to market with a new way of thinking, yet held old school values and consisted of a team that collectively had more experience in the prompting industry than any other. No legacy systems to support, just looking forward from day one…

Welcome to CueScript!
CueScript is a prompting company with the personal touch.

With design for purpose, ingenuity and quality at the forefront, the CueScript team have developed a range of exciting products. Understanding the needs of the customer and listening to the end user are sometimes forgotten. CueScript invite free thinking, we want to push boundaries and we have the drive and ability to promptly react to ideas or requests.

Whether it be development of bespoke systems or general progression, CueScript are open to customer needs and requirements. Turning an idea into product is what we thrive on.

For CueScript, customer service is paramount.

From initial contact to the installation of the product, every step should be met with the right information and attention to detail. Our goal is to build long term relationships and we will only achieve that by gaining your trust. 

We want to be the competent, dependable choice. The prompting company you can rely on to respect, listen, advise and deliver.