Solutions in the VidiGo range include VidiGo Studio Automation, the ultimate control to create and supervise rundowns for a fully automated newscast, VidiGo Visual Radio, the best solution in the market to create an entertaining and compelling visual radio show without the need for extra staff and VidiGo Graphics, the tool that allows users to create broadcast graphics in Adobe Photoshop and animate them in Flash.

The newly released Social Media Hub is a combined Social Media Management and CG product to deliver efficient and cost effective social media capabilities for all broadcasters. The integration of’s Social TV Interactivity Suite with VidiGo Graphics provides broadcasters with a cost effective social media solution. Operators can now control incoming social media content and effortlessly publish on air, with a full toolkit available to control the graphics.

Visual Radio

VidiGo Visual Radio turns radio broadcasting into an entertaining and compelling visual show. Visual Radio is an add-on to your radio production without the need for extra staff. It enables you to take radio broadcasting to the next level, by giving your audience the chance to experience unique radio moments. Visual Radio turns your listeners into viewers.

VidiGo Visual Radio is a combination of automatic camera switching, dynamic digital video effects (DVE) and graphic overlays with real time XML updates and audio control. Visual Radio is ready for web, mobile and TV platforms. 

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