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Techtel sells and supports products into 5 main operational areas of our target market:

Television multi-stream playout and asset management, television live production and post production.
Newsroom computer systems for television.
Radio automation with integrated newsroom operations.
MPEG transmission systems for terrestrial and satellite content delivery. 
Telco applications as they relate to broadcast and media
Our Products
When choosing new products for our portfolio we search for those which are complimentary to our existing products and skills, yet which offer the potential of adding new technologies and methodologies to enhance the value and effectiveness of the systems we can offer to our customers. As our market is relatively small in volume for it’s geographic coverage we strive to diversify our products to cater for variations in market needs and changing economies.

Our Goal
To maintain a strong and relevant presence in the ever expanding television, radio and video sector of the communications industry. Techtel strives to professionally represent its principals, working with confidence and competence in all facets of the industry, concentrating on delivering and supporting reliable and workable solutions to our customers.